Sharing of your experiences and questions















Welcome on my blog in section created for sharing of your experiences with tantric massages. You could feel some reaction, emotion or inside moving (during the massage or after) and you would like to share the experience with others. The sharing is very useful and  valuable because it brings the sight from client side on the theme for others.


Do not be shy say it to each other if you like to do it.
Maybe, you are not sure if your feelings are „correct“. And maybe, the contribution of someone with similar emotions can convince and satisfy you.


Because all of your reactions, emotions or whatever coming to you is absolutely correct. The point is unhiding of the real gift wich is sending for us by the informations about ourselves. And that is just up to each of us if we decide to see the message or no.
I will be happy for every contribution and I am sure that all of visitors of this site will welcome it the same way as me