Salon Kaira Sayah

  Kaira Sayah Massage Temple
Tantra Massage and Rituals

We are a group of spirited people. Our clients benefit from a broad spectrum of various techniques of self-development.
We provide sexological coaching, couple counselling, shadow work and other.
You can read more about individual specialties at our therapists’ profiles

Each of us has an unique story of their own, constantly rebuilding and reshaping it
to reach our life’s fullest potential.

We create and maintain a safe space where you can express all of your needs, desires and intentions.
This makes the fundamentals of each meeting individually tailored around You.

Take a moment of calm to deeply explore our profiles and choose the right therapist for you.
You can read more on the service we provide, individual techniques we employ, our working hours
as well as our phone numbers to get in touch.

The divine space of Kaira Sayah Temple
offers the background to experience all of these.

You can pay us a visit at Dukelská Třída, No. 86, in Brno Husovice.






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Now a new option just for couples to enjoy a massage in your hotel room, where you're staying, or we recommend an overnight staying in the lovers' asylum Slévačská 9, Brno. This option is organizationally and technically demanding, so we charge a surcharge (incl. payment of travel) 500 CZK (20 EUR)/one masseuse (Dream comes true) and 800CZK (30 EUR)/2 masseuses or masseuse and massager (Passionate fusion).