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Nowadays, it is quite common to be totally passive during a massage. Yes, that’s right. After all, we have come here to relax or we might be in pain. So, what activity? That is all right. That is normally the case, for sure, especially with classic, sports, or relaxation massage. Then again, it is all right in tantric massage as well. But if we work with energy, and that's what Tantra is all about, we may shift our experience even farther beyond that. There is no need to force ourselves into anything. On the contrary, we should try to be more natural, relaxed and open. The rest, whatever comes, will come spontaneously. Receiving an active massage may not even be immediately distinguishable from a passive one. It is all about consciousness and awareness of oneself. It is about what I want, what is pleasing to me, how it feels, how I feel at all, and just to be in harmony with it. My desire and intention is to create an environment and an ambiance of safety and limitless possibilities. Eve-rything that happens behind my closed door will remain there. You can afford to give space to all your feelings and expressions inside you or those that may come.


Many times I have heard and even caught myself to completely passively and automatically drift through the events of the massage. Some people even prefer not breathing when something is un-pleasant. They bite the bullet, wait it out, and eventually pay for it. Yes, in physical therapy massage, pain is common and that is probably all right ... But Tantra is different!


Aside from vaginal and anal mapping, which belong to therapeutic massages, during the tantric mas-sage or ritual you should feel great even euphoric (whatever it means for you) throughout the entire massage. Tantra is about the flow of energy, which when it gets going, is very powerful, healing, energizing, and revitalizing. The experience, you take away from the massage, can be much better and more beneficial when you join in and receive your massage actively.




1. I am here and now

This magic sentence is the answer and solution for a wide range of human concerns. And yet, it is so simple. There is neither past nor future, only the present. When I am being massaged, my thoughts are on my body. I feel the touch. I feel the contact of my skin with the masseuse’s hands. I feel everything that is going on in my body. I will let all other thoughts drift away.


2. I am aware of my body and how it feels

I will allow myself to feel how my body reacts to stimuli that come. To feel, how the music I hear made it vibrate, how the smell in the room tuned it and what happens during a particular touch. There is no need to analyse and over specify anything. Just be aware of your body and let the head fall sleep.


3. I know how to show it

Is the most beautiful gift for me is a client, who is not shy to show his or her feelings about my massage. There is no need to talk. Frequently, our language is too limited to express experiential things. In addition, it unnecessarily activates the mind, which, during the massage should be taking a break. Our body itself tells us everything, if we let it give us uncensored reactions to things that come. Thanks to this, a great interaction can develop between the client and the masseuse. It will tune itself into the same wavelength and create a much deeper experience.


4. I am breathing

Breathing brings life to the body and distributes energy throughout the body. It helps to regulate the flow of sexual energy and gives the client a tool that, among other things, can control the timing of his ejaculation and the intensity of the excitement. Especially with the BIG DRAW, breathing is absolutely essential part of the whole technique. You can play and rehearse with your breathing to see what it brings into your body. Try to alter your breathing rate, its depth, intensity, complete exhaling, chaotic breath, and so on. So dear ladies and gentlemen – breathe, breathe, and breathe!


5. I am expressing myself acoustically

Sound is vibration and vibration is also energy transfer. Many feelings are hard to express in words, but it is quite easily possible to express them through sounds. The body will give out sounds by itself naturally. It is usually exactly of the same quality as the stimulus that triggered it. You do not need to be shy. Masseuses love feedback on processes which occur under their hands. It is an honour for us as well as information about the state of mind of our client. This allows us to better tailor a massage and to be more receptive to the client. So feel free to sigh, moan, purr, hum, whine, cry, yell, scream, or anything else.


6. I am moving

Movement is another powerful technique for active reception of massage. The body is a perfect mirror of our inner state of mind. What is going on inside, will affect the body on the outside. Sometimes it can even warn us about a disease, such as through stiff muscles, fat distribution in the body, pain, or skin symptoms. Even nail and hair quality, such as brittleness, blemishes, dryness, or fraying, can be used as symptoms. These are all responses to processes inside. It is a map of our past traumas and injuries, as well as information about our lifestyle. It shows whether you worry too much and whether you live in accordance with your souls and so on. It is a message to the owner of the body, as an image, warning, or sometimes an appeal. It may say - this is so and so, you need to relax, you have emotions bottled up inside you and can damage you. The amazing thing is that it works both ways. Through the body, it may be possible to influence the internal state of mind. It can dissolve seated traumas and eliminate pain from the past. The most powerful method for women is vaginal mapping. For men it is anal mapping. Conscious lovemaking is ideal for partners. However, any other tantric massage and even other kinds of massage are very effective in this regard. But it is necessary to actively receive and participate in what is going on with my body. Movement is a way that really helps healing, when you encounter a block, pain, or trauma and is also a way of experiencing. Life is represented by movement. Everything in our body is constantly moving. Our heart beats tirelessly. Our cells are constantly renewing themselves. Our blood is flowing in our body and carries oxygen. Our fingernails continue to grow and so does our hair. Everything is moving. It is one of the main signs of life. It is only natural to move during massage. Of course, I do not mean that you will march around the room and your masseuse will run behind you and caress your body. I write here about natural expressions that correspond to bursts of energy waves into the body. So, you may wiggle, wriggle, bend, shake your legs, sway your hips, bang into the mattress, stretch yourself, move your heels or ankles, stick out your butt.
Do anything you just feel that your body needs.


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Now a new option just for couples to enjoy a massage in your hotel room, where you're staying, or we recommend an overnight staying in the lovers' asylum Slévačská 9, Brno. This option is organizationally and technically demanding, so we charge a surcharge (incl. payment of travel) 500 CZK (20 EUR)/one masseuse (Dream comes true) and 800CZK (30 EUR)/2 masseuses or masseuse and massager (Passionate fusion).